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Shijiazhuang Dongshan Machinery Co. , Ltd. was established in 1998. Since its establishment, the company has been engaged in the processing and manufacturing of mechanical parts for many years. Since 2005, it has started to research and develop straw forming equipment, and has included straw forming equipment in the research and development of leading products. The company has formed a service system of product development, design, manufacturing and sales. The main best-selling products are two series. The roll mold double action series has 9JK-1000 straw briquette machine , 9JK-1500 straw briquette machine , ring There are 9JKL-1500 straw briquette presses and 9JKL-2000 straw briquette presses in the mould laying series. These products have been continuously improved and improved in use in recent years, and have been finalized. At the same time, these products have been appraised by experts from Hebei Agricultural Mechanization Administration and belong to agricultural mechanization promotion projects.
The straw forming equipment produced by the company can continuously press certain biomass materials such as corn straw , cotton straw , soybean straw , rice straw , rice husk , cereal grass , Chinese medicine residue , peanut hull , sawdust , alfalfa , sunflower bark and other straw into The block reduces the volume of the straw and increases the density, which is convenient for storage and transportation. The equipment can be used not only for fuel processing, to replace coal to reduce pollution, but also for feed processing. As a cattle and sheep silage feed, the degree of commercialization has greatly increased. As the company's main product, the biggest feature of this unit is that it does not block the machine, and it can press the block without heating the furnace wire, saving time and labor, and long equipment life. Its technology is in a leading position in China and has been awarded two new practical patents issued by the State Patent Office . (Patent No. 200920254960.5 / 201320659766.1), the straw forming equipment produced by the company has also passed the durability test of the Ministry of Agriculture and is one of only a few in the country .
The company aims to survive on product quality and develop on product development . Biomass industry is a new industry and a rising industry, with broad prospects. Customers are welcome to come to inspect, select company products, and jointly develop and use biomass (stalk) resources.
Sincere cooperation, create brilliant!

No. 13011102000857 of Hebei Public Security Bureau

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